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Cut Memey Foto Hot

Cut MemeyFoto Cut Memey
Cut Memey (born December 7 1980; age 28 years old) is a model, presenter and a nation of Indonesia. Although it has often become a model and presenter also play patron, the name is really a discussion of the case that people with Jacksen Perangin Wind-penetrated to the court. Walaupun namanya pakai Cut, tapi dia bukan keturunan Bangsawan Aceh. Although the name Cut life, but he was not a descendant of Nobility Aceh.
Cut Memey Sexy
Cut the full name of the owner Meylani Decy Susanti this brilliant play in the patron Gengsi Gede Gedean as MUNAH, then as a city girl in Cool No No (Cocoker). After the official part, the story Memey bitter rumahtangganya travel with Jacksen some time ago it became a movie, was the title of Celebrity ALSO HUMAN. episode Korban Video Syur. Together with actors and lawyers single girl, movie star Memey TV (FTV), entitled Consequences of Free Pergaulan, Victims Video exciting episode.
Cut Memey Hot

Toket Cut MemeyCut Memey Montok

In addition to playing patron, Cut Memey also become a model and presenter. Previously, he had become a presenter at the Zoom In (Trans TV) and in your mouth called”Fruit”(with Nessa Sadin) on ANTV. Memey also been driving the event “Secret Night”. Not only look capitalization, Memey stretch wing to pull the world of sound. Unsparing, as a teacher singing, On 25 July 2007 Cut Memey melaunching album titled first Air Exercise with a single hitsnya “Playboy King”.
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